Thursday, 30 June 2011

Vidya Balan : Under the Weather

Now this is what we call a real dedication to work. Vidya Balan has been making some special adjustments to fit into Ekta Kapoor's Gang. It was a news that Vidya Balan is trying hard for Ekta Kapoor's next flic Dirty Picture. The actress has not only agreed to a hectic shooting schedule, which starts at 7 am everyday and goes on till 11 pm, but has also agreed to put on some weight. Now, this is really something which will make Vidya's fans a bit disappointed. Vidya Balan already shares Bahenji image in Bollywood and now she is putting on some more weight?

But Vidya, being a thorough professional that she is, did it all without throwing any starry tantrums. Apparently, Vidya is down with high fever. And hence, Ekta Aunty's Gang have to throw shooting schedule of Dirty Picture off track.

Vidya believes that Dirty Picture is one of the most important films in her careeer.


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