Saturday, 9 July 2011

Top 5 Dark Romantic Bollywood Movies

5. Gagster (2006):

In this film a Gangster loves a Bar dancer who indeed loves a Singer who at the end cheats her. The movie has a beautiful Music and Fantastic performances.

4. Murder (2004):

Another Bhatt Movie, Murder is superhit member of Bhatt Camp with Mind Blowing Music, Steamy Scene and a Sexy Sherawat. The film has a thrilling twist of Murder. This movie was a benchmark of Dark Romantic Movies in Hindi Cinema.

3. Baazigar (1993):

First time a Hero-Hero played an Out and Out bad guy. People were surprised when they see Shahrukh throwing Shilpa from the terrace and then to see him romance with her younger sister Kajol who was lead actress of the movie. In the end film tries to justify his act but it was the Cult romantic film of the era.

2. Dev D (2009):

If we are talking about Dark Romantic Cinemas then nothing can beat Anurag Kashyap’s modern take on Devdas. There is no Grey and no White here, this movie is all Black. The hero has no redeeming feature. He is Bad and to get his Love he can do anything. Film has shocked audiences and raised a bar for badness in Bollywood.

1. Darr (1993):

And finally Darr is the biggest and one of my favourite Dark Romantic Cinema Movie. For the first time a Super Star Shahrukh Khan and Romantic Banner Yash Raj Films came together to make first of its kind movie in this genre. In Darr the bad lovers stole the thunder from the main Hero. Films subrotality has shocked audiences. The movie which was inspired from Hollywood movie Cape Fear has changed thinking of audiences.

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