Saturday, 9 July 2011

Murder 2 Review : A bold, twisted and thrilling movie

Arjun Bhagwat (Imraan Hashmi) is a Ex-cop of Goa Police, but now a days for money he does anything. He is also in a casual relationship with Priya. One day he receives a different kind of work, a Gangsters call girl is missing one by one and Arjun has to find them out. Things get worst as he dig deeper. And now Arjun has to surrender everything, his life and his girlfried. Can Arjun find out mystery of these missing call girls? Can he save his life? Can he save his girlfriend?

The Cast:
Imraan Hashmi's last film was Dil Toh Baccha Hey Ji, which could not rock on BoxOffice. Now, Imraan is back with Murder 2 sequel of Murder, the film which made him a star. Imraan is playing Arjun Bhagwat's role a tough guy who doesnt believe in God. Imraan's performance is decent and his Chemistry with Jacquline is really good. He has worked out on his physic very much but this can be seen only in one scene.

Jacqueline Fernandez is playing Priya's role. She is a model and loves Arjun Bhagwat. Jacqueline looks stunning and whenever she is on screen she sizzles the screen. With Imraan her scenes are too hot and bold. But unfortunately she doesn’t share so much of screen along with Imraan as she doesn’t have a big role in the movie. Hence she has no scope of showing her Performance in the movie.

The Music
The Bhatts usually have nice music in films, but all I can't recall from Mruder 2 is Bheege honth tere. The music is composed by Harshit Saxena, Mithoon, Sangeet Haldipur, Siddharth Haldipur.

Mohit Suri’s Murder 2 is not half the film Anurag Basu’s Murder was. Murder 2's direction is in Mohit Suri's hand who is cousine of Imraan Hashmi. Mohit Suri is blieved to be the loyalist of Bhatt camp.

Murder 2 is a thriller movie and Mohit has maintained a very good pace in the movie. Background Music is very well scored and attached with the pace of movie. And given the kind of story Mohit did a good job but could not match Anurag Basu.

Murder 2 is sequel of Murder but both the movies has no connection. Murder 2 is dark and engaging thriller. Film is fool of sex and violence. Screenplay is dull but hot chemistry between Imraan and Jacqueline will definately attract people.

Ratings : 3 (Good) / 5 (Excellent)


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