Friday, 1 July 2011

Delhi Belly, A bold way to mess up with Belly

Delhi belly is an adult comedy movie.

The plot of the movie begins with 3 Good friends Tashi, Aroop and Nitin who stays together in a shared appartment. Tashi's fiance sonia by mistake is involved in a smuggling racket when she agrees to deliver a packet containing smuggled diamonds. She gives this packet to Tashi to deliver and unfortunately it gets mixed up with the Stool Test Sample. Yes you listened it right, Stool Test Sample. Now, Smugglers are behind Tashi, Aroop and Nitin and they run to save their life from Smugglers. The movie is also about Nitin having a Delhi Belly and constantly searching for a toilet in the movie.

The Cast:
Imraan Khan plays role of Tashi in the movie. This is completely a new makeover role for Imraan. Imraan is a simple regular guy in the movie who unwillingly involves in smuggling operation. His expressions are natural in the movie and he is intense and complimenting to both the actresses Shenaaz and Poorna. Undoubtebly and Easily this is Imraan’s best performance so far in his career.

Vir Das has entertained us so much as a comedian but he is not so funny in the movie. With Kunaal his chemistry and scenes are good but his best moment in the film is Jaa Chudail song where he is both funny and obnoxious.

Kunaal is the funniest guy among 3 of them. He plays Nitin where he suffers from the bad case of Delhi Belly after eating Tandoori Chicken from filthy Delhi Street vendor. All problem starts because of Nitin's Loose Motion. Kunal's dialogue delivery is too good and with lots of bad words.

Shenaaz plays the role of Sonia (Tashi's Fiance). In film she doesn’t share very big role, but whatever she has been assigned she is good in it. She plays a typical irritating, nagging girlfriend role. And other then looking cute she doesn’t have much to do in the movie.

Poorna makes a bollywood debut with Delhi Belly. In film she shares a journalist role who plays a messed up part. She is a bold and smart girl who helps Taashi and his friends to escape from the smugglers. She is very good in her role and with Imraam she shares very Hot Chemistry, specially their hot kissing scene.
After Game this is the second movie of Abhinay Deo. He paid lots of attention to all details and tiniest things have been taken care about like Cocroaches on leftovers, Water refilling, etc. He has captured Single youngster’s life very easily and perfectly. Film direction is overall very good.

Music is composed by Ram Sampath and it has already rocked charts, although with some controversies. Songs like DK Bose is matching with the movie. There’s one Item number by uncle Aamir, although very simple, but as a Mr. Perfectionist he justified his 80s makeover.

Overall Verdict :
A bold movie which is way ahead of its time.
Akshat verma has written a very good script and with Cast and Directors entertaining and intelligent film have been produced. But the movie is mostly in English and with very bold dialogues. Hence, its not meant for all audiences. But movie will definitely find its Niche audiences. Delhi Belly is a small film but youngsters will definitely like this for his boldness. Full marks to Aamir Khan and his team once again for daring and making such a bold film.

3.5/5 stars


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