Friday, 29 July 2011

Dhoom 3 has a Tough Time

Yash Raj Films' ambitious project Dhoom 3 has been postponed for a month. The film was supposed to go on floor in November will now start at least a month later. Reason: Abhishek Bachchan.

Abhishek Bachchan who is playing Jai Dixit in Dhoom 3 wants some family time since his wife's due date is around November too. And there is no doubt Yash Raj Films would have any objection for Abhishek's Paternity Leave.

As usual Dhoom 3 has lots of cool bikes, latest gadgets, a crook and Mr. Abhishek Bachchan will now not be able to go on floors without the main crook chaser.

Dhoom 3 will now release in December or January. Bachchans are like a family to Yash Chopra. Dhoom 3 shooting will only start once Abhishek is ready. Abhishek agreed to start shooting mid-December. But there are few more challenges like availability of the locations and technicians. So, Dhoom 3 might go on floors in December 2011 or next year January 2012.

As we all know Uday Chopra is not doing much wonders except to act in Dhoom series Abhishek's schedule of starting the shoot with Uday Chopra can be adjusted easily.
However, our sources from YRF confirmed that shooting schedules are still in premature stages and so they don't know whether they have to really postpone the shoot or not. But they will definitely keep in mind the arrival of joy in the Bachchan household.

Well when we are talking about Dhoom 3 and we forgot this sequel's main attraction Mr. Aamir Khan, how is it possible? Aamir will start shooting around April 2012 or May 2012 and our insiders have told us that Aamir is busy preparing his character of gymnast in Dhoom 3.

Wow!!! I am excited about Aamir's new look, are you excited enough? Write us in comments.


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