Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Salman Khan Announced Chillar Party Sequel

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It seems UTV is more busy on other projects, hence our Sallu Miyan (Salman Khan) has decided to go ahead and produce Sequel of Chillar Party.

After succes of Chillar Party at BoxOffice, it seems Salman Khan have taken his role as a producer pretty seriously. Because as always, जब सल्मानसाब कुछ करते हे तो वो बडा हि करते हे, he confirmed that he is ready with not one but two sequels of Chillar Party. Although his first production venture receiving ramble reviews from the critics, Sallu has decided just not to stop but to jump into the bandwagon of sequels. However co-producer UTV looks doubtful.

Salman, who co-produced Chillar Party along with UTV is very much disappointed the way UTV has sidetracked Chillar Party and moved on to commercially successful films like Delhi Belly.

In second part of Chillar party all the kids get together to take the slum-kid Fatka ( Irfan Khan)) and all his slum-mates to school.

In the third part of the film the kids are the think-tank for the Indian Olympic squad hired by the government.

Vikas Bahl and writer-director Nitesh Tiwari are also in the process of writing the fourth story to the Chillar Party series. And Salman committed to stay with them for the entire series.

सल्मानभाइ ज़रा सम्भालके कहि आपको हमारि जंता जटका ना देदे!!!!

Whatever the results may be, but BollyBooze team is with Salman in this project and will keep you updated for each and every news related to Salman.

Wish you all the best Salman.


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