Saturday, 9 July 2011

Chillar Party Review : Brilliant and Clever Emotional Joy Ride

Chillar party is Salman Khan's "Being Human" label's first film. Sallu wants to change audience thinking towards children movie with this film. Lets see if Salman can do this with this film or not.

Chillar party is a gang of some naughtorious but innocent children. One fine day, Fatkaa the poor car washer boy comes to their colony with his best friend Biddu who is a Street Dog. After some of the initial tension they both become members of Chillar party. But one fine day Biddu's life is in danger when a nasty politcal leader decides to get rid off from all street dogs. And then Chillar Party is on the way to save Biddu.

The Cast
Chillar Party's main cast is some of the Child Artists. And I should say all these children out there did a fantastic job. Their Natural Acting, Innocence and Funny Mischief will win Audiences’ heart. Every child has his distinct character and all of them do a fabulous job. Specifically, Jhangia who never wears shorts (Chaddi) and Panoti, every time he opens his mouth a new problem will occur. They all look very cute and are a delight to watch apart from being naturally super performers.

Chillar party is directed by Nitesh Tiwari and Vikas Bahl. And within their debut they created a fantastic movie. Its not that easy to make film with so many children. Directors have think like children and you can see it in the movie. Movie’s length is perfect and story telling is very good.

Chillar Party has everything. Beautiful performances, Entertaining dialogues and a excellent story. Movie has lots of Moral messages but it never gets speachy. This movie is for children, but I am sure it will be entertaining for adults also. The movie relies completely on a Brilliant script and superb story telling and does not need a super star special appearance of Salman Khan in it. Movie will make audience laugh, cry and take you back to your childhood.

Brilliant, Brilliant and Clever Emotional Joy Ride I give Chillar Party, Do not miss this one at any cost.

Ratings: 4 (Very Good) / 5 (Excellent)


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