Friday, 1 July 2011

Lisa talks Oh My Gold

For all those Lisa Ray die hard fans, here comes a good news. Lisa ray is coming back on Television with a bang and her new show name is Oh My Gold. This show will be telecasted on TLC.

The show highlights different cities and their expertise in ornamental jewellery like diamonds, gold, pearls, temple jewellery and so on. “Jewellery plays a monumental role in India and to get an in-depth knowledge about it is what the show aims at,” Lisa says.

The actor is living life to the fullest after her recent struggle with cancer. “I do get a little conscious about pushing myself. So right now, it’s all about balance and lust for life. I just finished the treatment, worked on a play in Toronto with Kabir Bedi and opened a yoga studio there. Now, I am working on my memoirs and have launched an online portal regarding stem cell transplants. You will see me on the big screen soon,” she says.

So all Lisa fans out there including me would be eagerly waiting for her boom bang comeback. And we all wish her a bright and successful career.


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