Saturday, 16 July 2011

Uberguide : Top 5 Friendship Film

As this week, Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara has reminded us about yaari and dosti (Friendship) we will shortlist Top 5 Friendship Film of the past decade.

5. Billu : The film is about a Barber and his Superstar friend. It’s a retelling of the Krishna-Sudama Story where friendship is worshiped. And in the climax of the film Shah Rukh Khan’s speech captures every emotion of the friendship.

4. Rock On : I love it for its long lasting story of friendship. The story is about friends after who meet after so many years and come together to fulfill their unfulfilled dream.

3. Jane Tu Yaa Jane Naa : In college where everybody wants Casual relationships, Jane Tu Yaa Jane Naa talks about two attractive people from the opposite sex who are Best friends and in the end they realize that they are in Love. Friendship between a Boy and a Girl is beautifully portrayed.

2. Rang De Basanti : On the platform of Hypothesis, this is a classic story. How few friends can change full country based on what they believe in. In this film, a handful of friend stirred and apprizing.

1. Dil Chahata Hai : No guesses required for No. 1 position in my list of Friendship movies. If I would not name this movie in the top list, then audiences are going to kill me. In this Genre, this is the first film that the current generation finds cool. Youngsters style, clothes, haircut, everything is show just the way they are. How friends accept strengths and weaknesses of their friends are shown in this movie. This is a very refreshing Generation Next Film.


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