Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Rare Vintage Ads showcasing Endorsement of our Bollywood Stars

This 1955 Brylcreem ad featuring the inimitable Kishore Kumar has been sent by Kaustubh Pingle. It appeared in the pages of Filmfare. "This was the time when Kishore Kumar was gaining popularity and eventually becoming the most-wanted actor of the decade, having 12 silver jubilee and three golden jubilees - one of his movies running for continuously 30 months!" says Kaustubh.

Amjad Khan is one of the meanest villains Indian Cinema has ever seen. Also, he was the first from his breed to endorse a product, that too a biscuit! After his epic-size hit Sholay, Amjad Khan went ahead to endorse Parle-G, Tata Tea and Brittania Glucose-D biscuits. Britannia Glucose D biscuits had employed Sholay's Gabbar Singh to push their product over Parle's Glucose biscuits. Here's that Ad in print. Remember?

Suresh Oberoi for Morarji Mills:

Ever heard of Dilip Kumar Selling Pickles? "The taste of your tongue is packed in this bottle"
The reason why this advertisement stands out from the others in the list is because this product was named after the actor. The ad copy was text heavy, explaining the different flavours and also the target audience they were catering to.

"I use Cinthol, do you?", Vinod Khanna and the Horse – hard to imagine more testosterone in any other advertisement, right? This ad was a huge hit in the ’80s and gave a sales boost to the brand. The ad copy read, "Vinod’s body confidence soap – Cinthol." And the picture exuded nothing but just that.

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Anonymous said...

Do you remember the brand of a biscuit that was sold in the 60s, 70s and maybe upto the 80s. It was small round disc just under 3/4" in diameter, slightly domed on the top side and a checkered pattern on the bottom side. It was slightly under 1/4" thick. It had a fluted edge with initials on the dome side. It tasted a lot like Britannia Glucose-d (the one with the silver colored pack and an image of the child actor Master Alankar which was also the one later featuring Amjad 'Gabbar Singh' Khan). A lot of people would call these biscuits "dog biscuits" for some reason.

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