Monday, 5 September 2011

Top 5 Biggest Bollywood Mistakes Uncovered

Phir Hear Pheri
In the original Hear Pheri, Shyam, Raju and Baburao get Rs 40 lakhs, but in the sequel, director Neeraj Vohra has shown that they stay in a bungalow worth Rs 50 lakhs and yet manage to save a sum of Rs 10 Lakhs each. Now that's what I call real hera pheri.

Taxi No. 9211
When Sonali Kulkarni buys tickets for Nasik she asks for two tickets for the 9 PM t rain but later when Nana Patekar is in John Abraham's house he says my wife is going to Nasik by the 11:30 PM train. Time time ki baat hai jaani?

Rishi Kapoor is fully drunk and can't walk or talk properly. Kajol walks him to his bed. But when Captain Ranvir Singh reveals to Kajol that he is Rehan, Rishi Kapoor comes out of the bedroom, is fully in his senses and scolds Ranvir severely. Kya nasha itni jaldi utar gaya?

Chup Chup Ke
1, Shahid goes to his village in a Toyota Corola. But during his return journey it changes into a Hyundai Getz.

2, After rescuing Shahid from drowning, Rajpal Yadav finds a printed list in his pocket that is completely dry. How come? Was it printed on waterproof paper?

1, Rohit (Hrithik Roshan) is in Malaysia for two years working on a secret project. At the end of the second year his mother (Rekha) calls him up to say that his wife (Preity Zinta) has given birth to a baby boy. Considering the fact that he was away from home for two years, how did Hrithik impregnate his wife? Any answers Jadoo?

2, Priyanka is on a seven-day adventure camp with her friends in Manali and she just has a small bag with her. Yet during her one-week stay outdoors, she manages to change into colour-coordinated designer outfits three times a day with matching accessories and even sports different hairstyles. Jadoo at work again?

3, Priyanka and her friend decide to call super boy Krishna to Singapore to save their floundering jobs and the next day he is actually in Singapore. How did they arrange the passport and visa in a single day?


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