Thursday, 30 June 2011

Rani, Karishma can be Madhur’s Heroine?

The stork visiting Aishwarya Rai Bachchan may have the Bachchan household in happy spirits, there’s one person who seems to be highly upset by the news. It is director Madhur Bhandarkar. After reports of the film being stalled and Ash not working in it, there are suggestions of many other heroines being considered for the main role. “Ash may not be doing Heroine, but that hasn’t closed any options for Madhur and UTV. Because some of the other big names doing the rounds are Rani Mukherjee, Priyanka Chopra and Karishma Kapoor,” says a source.

However, Priyanka has denied all reports of being approached by Madhur. Actually, given their earlier association, she seemed like an obvious choice. Somehow, the makers are keen on Karishma and Rani doing the role.

“Hottest of them all is Karishma since she’s making a comeback with Vikram Bhatt’s film. She’s the most experienced of them all. And as she belongs to the first family of Bollywood, she understands the industry very well, better than Ash. No one could have performed better,” says a film enthusiast.

Meanwhile, talks of Rani Mukherjee too are doing the rounds since the other actresses aren’t an option. "She may not be as charismatic as the others, but it definitely in demand,” adds our source. May be Rani's down going rocket will be diverted upward by Madhur sir.

Kat gets defensive on Isabelle

Its been trend now a days in Bollywood to be in News whether you have any reasons or not. And same It looks like Katrina Kaif is grooming her sister Isabelle to be in the news even before the girl makes her debut in Bollywood. There have been reports about how Isabelle was supposed to make her debut in Bollywood some two years ago. Since then there were talks doing rounds about how Katrina Planns to turn a producer and launch her sister in a film to be directed by none other than, Farah Khan.

Sources close to the actress say that Bollywood is not on the Isabelles’s priority list right now. Katrina Kaif’s official spokesperson also said that Isabelle is here to study and not work in films.

Isabelle had lost out on Veer two years ago with the role being offered to Zarine Khan. And now Katrina thinks that with no scarcity of fresh faces in the industry, launching Isabelle is not a realistic option.

So, is Kat really denying her sister’s launch or using her studies as an excuse to cover up lack of offers? This kind of questions will keep Kat away from us.

Vidya Balan : Under the Weather

Now this is what we call a real dedication to work. Vidya Balan has been making some special adjustments to fit into Ekta Kapoor's Gang. It was a news that Vidya Balan is trying hard for Ekta Kapoor's next flic Dirty Picture. The actress has not only agreed to a hectic shooting schedule, which starts at 7 am everyday and goes on till 11 pm, but has also agreed to put on some weight. Now, this is really something which will make Vidya's fans a bit disappointed. Vidya Balan already shares Bahenji image in Bollywood and now she is putting on some more weight?

But Vidya, being a thorough professional that she is, did it all without throwing any starry tantrums. Apparently, Vidya is down with high fever. And hence, Ekta Aunty's Gang have to throw shooting schedule of Dirty Picture off track.

Vidya believes that Dirty Picture is one of the most important films in her careeer.

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