Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Priyanka Chopra's look inspired from 'Amelie'

Priyanka Chopra became French and so is her movie. Guys we are talking about Prinka Chopra and Ranbeer Kapoor Starrer movie "barfee".

Why we are saying this? Ah, let us unwind curtains now. Priyanka's look in movie "barfee" is inspired by a french movie "Amelie". But our Khabroo has revealed that Priyanka's Character in the movie is also inspired by "Amelie". And movie shooting is done in such a way that this movie will make you remember "Amelie".

We are not telling that "barfee" is copied from "Amelie" but what we want to say is feel of both movies will remain same. If we believe our Khabroo, this movie's representation is in such a way that we will be forced to think that movie's Direction is also inspired by "Amelie".

In Ranbeer and Priyanka starrer movie "barfee" we will hardly hear any dialogues from Ranbeer and Priyanka's role is also challenging.

We hope that this movie will not only remain look a like of "Amelie" but will also entertain us like "Amelie"


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